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Maternity &  Motherhood 

"... and suddenly you were my everything ... "

Maternity &  Motherhood photography in Warrington, St. Helens, Widnes, Runcorn, Liverpool, Manchester and surrounding areas but not limited to them. 

Cheshire and Merseyside.



natural maternity photography in Warrington / St. Helens

This is such a unique and special time in your life.

Maternity photography is the perfect way to tastefully record this moment so you can remember it always.


In addition to your individual portrait, you may want to include images of you with your partner and your children.

The best time for a maternity photo session is between 25-38 weeks of pregnancy.

I personally believe the bigger the better; but of course, you still need to be comfortable to sit or lay on the floor.

(Don’t worry; I’ll help you to get back up!)

All pregnant ladies are different, you will know at what stage you will be most comfortable. 


natural motherhood photography in Warrington / St. Helens

How many times did you take photos of your children???

And how many times did you take photos of your children with their dad???

And on how many of those photos are you present???


I have to confess... It's not many, I can probably count on one hand!

and it's so sad...


I love looking through old family photos, we have suitcases full of them!!!

Seeing my Nan, my Mum, seeing our relationship as it was years ago...


Now imagine... in years to come, your kids dig out some old photos to see you.

To see the connection, love, kindness in your eyes...

But, you are not in those photos...

The person that raised them, was there at every important moment of their life, shared every tear, every smile...


So this is to all mummies...

Please don't wait until you lose a little more weight, or for a better hair day.

Do it now!

When they are still little, as your child will always see the person they love unconditionally... 


That is why...

Motherhood sessions celebrate the love between mother & child.

There is no stronger love than the one between them.

Motherhood sessions are simple, natural, beautiful...

Just as the love between mother and her child...


To capture this special relationship I offer indoor or outdoor shoots (the choice is yours).



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